Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Family Fun Day

Would it be totally annoying to you all if I started having posts that were not craft-related?  Sometimes I feel like I'm a little overkill with all my photos on facebook but I want to have a place to share them...and what is a blog if not that place?  I totally understand if you want to skip these posts, but if you love them, let me know so I can keep them coming :)

Monday, January 2nd was the hubby's last day of a 13 day vacation.  Not that we laid on a beach the whole time, but still--quite a break from the routine.  Although the last day of vacation was chilly and a little rain-splattered, we still took the time for a backyard bike ride.  Here's the photographic evidence:

Porch Swinging
 I did make all of the hats pictured in this post (except the bike helmet).  That counts for something, right?

winter blue play house visit

Brother's hat, brother's vest.

Love these expressions--taken right after Little Sister (purposefully) backed right in to The Boy.

Little Sister's sad face.  She's not very convincing.

I'm planning to sneak more family updates in here this year, so stay tuned (if you're interested in that kind of thing!)


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