Saturday, May 16, 2015

Me Made May 2015: The Halfway Point

I meant to post weekly updates of my Me Made May wardrobe, but our trip to Hawaii in the first week threw me off a bit.  I've been posting to Instagram daily, but I was using my US phone in Hawaii and not all of the pictures made it into my photo stream now that I'm using my Japanese phone again....WOW sorry for that boring explanation.  Anyway, I've got all the pics now, and I'm proud to report that at this point (16 days in) I haven't repeated myself yet, and I only had one cheater day on vacation where I wore RTW (I was still carrying a bag I made).

Here's how I'm doing so far!

Day 1:  A Ruby Top from Made by Rae, the first thing I sewed when I moved to Japan.  I definitely like it better belted but I have worn it loose with with skinny jeans before.

Day 2:  An adapted Sorbetto Tank from Colette Patterns--I left out the front pleat and attempted a crossover back.  I like the effect but the fit is off, and the crossover pulls funny.  The fabric is from Ikea.  Never blogged this one, although I did take some pics at one point!

Day 3:  An adapted Scoop Top from Skirt as Top, sewn from a Girl Charlee burnout cotton that I got in a bargain box.  It was in big pieces but there was writing on it, so I made the back in two panels, which I actually really like!  Almost like I planned it.  Also never blogged this shirt, but I wear it a fair bit.  Oh, and I made the skirt too--upcycled it from a larger thrifted skirt--and I actually did blog about it here.

Day 4:  Hawaii!   Isn't nice how my dress coordinates with the plumeria lei?  It's the Giselle Dress from Kate and Rose Patterns, sewn from a lovely Art Gallery Fabrics voile.

Day 5:  Looking more relaxed already in my Nani Iro double gauze dress, a mash-up of the Bess Top and Alder Skirt, both from Imagine Gnats.  I was really happy with the way the pictures came out when I blogged about this one!

Day 6:  Every time we go on a trip, I find myself wishing I had a little bag to carry just the things I want at my fingertips so I don't have to dig through the giant backpack full of kid stuff just to get my phone.  Because of COURSE I'm still also carrying the giant backpack of kid stuff.  But I finally made my little bag before this trip, and I carried it every day.  This particular day though, it was the only me-made item on my person.

Day 7:  a self-drafted cap-sleeve tee (the first of three made from this same pattern that I've worn this month!)  This one is also made from a Girl Charlee knit.

Day 8:  Oooops, I guess I missed another day as well--it's hard when you're mostly just wearing a swimsuit all day!  I was still carrying my little bag, and I DID put the inseam pockets into this RTW dress, so that counts, right?

Day 9:  I still can't get the photos off of my US phone for this one!  Don't know why the rest of my pics ended up in my photo stream, but not these.  So here's a family portrait from the "real camera"--I was wearing my most straightforward Sorbetto Tank for the plane ride home.

Day 10:  Back in could be worse, I guess! This Giselle Dress that I made as a muslin for the one I wore on Day 4 came out a little shorter than I am comfortable with, and I've been wearing it with leggings but it was too hot for that, so I was about to hem my slip so it wouldn't show, but I realized...maybe I should just let out the hem on the dress instead?  So early in the morning (jet lag plus 4:30 sunrise) I lengthened this dress and now I will wear it lots more!

Day 11:  A field trip to the petting zoo with 5-year-olds seemed like a good day to pull out this cheerful Plantain Tee with Melody Miller accents, right?  I love this top, even if the elbow patches are a little higher than my actual elbows.

Day 12:  Comfy mashup of the Sunny Swing tee and a Plantain Tee, with a double-gauze panel.

Day 13: Trying to take a picture that shows the back and front of this tee (another Scoop Top, this time inspired by an Anthropologie shirt) resulted in an awkward pose, according to my brother.

Day 14: This jersey dress has been a favorite since I made it.  Hopefully this wasn't the last time I will ever wear it--I forgot to bring my apron when I went to my son's class to work on a painting project that day and I'm not sure the spots are going to come out!

Day 15:  That brings us to today,'s May 16th.  I seem to have lost a day in there somewhere.  I blame crossing the international date line twice and hence wearing a couple of outfits for 36 hours or so.  This is the third version of the same self-drafted cap sleeve pattern that I've worn this month (the others are the orange dress above and the top on Day 7.)

No repeats wasn't part of my original goal for this month, but since I've gotten this far I might just see if I can do it.  It's pretty obvious that my sewing comfort zone is tops and dresses--I have a few skirts, but nothing I've made recently, so maybe sewing for my lower half is a challenge I need to take on.  In the mean time, if you see me sweating in long sleeves when it's 80 degrees out, you'll know I've run out of summer clothes!  So far, I haven't made anything new this month, but I do have a couple of things I'd really like to get to--maybe avoiding repeats will be the inspiration I need to finish those projects!

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