Monday, February 4, 2013

Sleuth Dress-Up Costume

The Boy had been complaining for a while that Little Sister has many more dress-up options than he does.  It's true, dress-up does seem to be a girls' world in a lot of ways, but her dress-up trunk does mostly consist of many different colors of tutus handed down from friends who were happy to pare down their own tutu collection.  It does make for a full trunk, but it's not like she has lots of different imaginary characters she can be.  That's why I supplemented with the mermaid costume for Christmas, which to be honest is what really set The Boy off.

I knew I wanted to make him some kind of costume for his birthday, which is in January.  He has really gotten into a kids' book series called The A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy, and he is often collecting clues around the neigborhood or looking at a problem as a mystery that needs solving.  So I thought he would enjoy a Sleuth costume, and boy has he loved it!

I found the cape pattern from Me Sew Crazy, and instead of making it from fleece, I made mine more like a sleeveless version of her rain poncho that she links to in the tutorial (outer fabric and a lining).  With interior pockets added to the lining, for the sleuth to stash his magnifying glass, clue notebook, and secret decoder pen.  I also gave the cape a velcro closure instead of a ribbon, so that I don't have to help him get dressed for detective work.

I then made the hat from this Martha Stewart tutorial.  I was so excited to find plain baseball caps at the dollar store.  Between that and the $1.50/yard grey twill I found for the cape (and the hand-me-down fabric I used for the lining from the hubby's grandma's stash of fabrics), this was a pretty darn affordable project! Actually, even the bias tape I used came from Grandma Dorothy, so my total cost (before accessories) was $5.00--$2 in hats, and $3 for the 2 yards of fabric I used.  Maybe one and a half--I didn't actually measure.  For the record, I opted not to make the Martha Stewart cape that went with the hat because I didn't feel like printing out the 27 pieces of computer paper and hoping against hope that I would get them all taped together correctly.  Me Sew Crazy's tutorial was much simpler, but I think that maybe it would have been good do to a collar instead of the hood.

For accessories...

This "disguise" mask from the Dollar Tree has been a hit.

I got this magnifying glass on Amazon for $5.  Mixed reviews, but I figured it would serve our purpose.

And I found a decoder pen and pad set at the Dollar Tree, and also a fingerprinting kit that we have yet to break out.  Lucked out with the Dollar Tree finds, I must say.  Total gift cost:  $13.

Oh, and I almost forgot--I found this Clue Jr game at Goodwill, and it was the half-price color of the week, so I nabbed it for $1.50 (are you kidding me with this $178 on Amazon?  What the heck!)  It's definitely not in mint condition, but we don't mind!  This was Little Sister's gift to The Boy as part of the theme.

--I have to make a note--we did not do any sort of photo session for this post; all of these photos just came from The Boy putting on his costume and playing Sherlock Holmes immediately after opening the gift.  Yay!


  1. Oh my goodness, this came out adorable Beth! I love it, and I love seeing it on little mister. Cute, cute, cute - thank you so much for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you! When I saw your post, I just knew it would be the right thing for my guy. Thanks for the inspiration!


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