Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Old Navy Bargains, part II

Are you ready for this?  Place your bets now--how much merchandise do you think I got at Old Navy for a whopping $13.75?

I'll show you my haul, and the grand original price total at the end.  I had a $30 rewards voucher, and one tricky thing that Old Navy does is that instead of taking the $30 off of the total price at the end like a gift card, they divvy the discount up over all of the things you bought.  So if you return something, your money back will be minus a percentage of those rewards dollars.  I make sure to ONLY buy things I know I won't return when using rewards dollars.  So, I'll show you the original price, the super-clearance price I found it for (what I would have paid if not using rewards $$), and what I actually paid for it after they took my $30 off the total.

First, for the boy:

Cable knit cotton sweater, size 5T.
Original price $19.94, clearance price:  $6.56, my price:  $1.98.

Striped mock henley (not quite a sweater/sweatshirt, but a thicker woven than a t-shirt), size boys XS
Original price:  $19.94, sale price $7.80, my price $2.55.  
More expensive than my usual, but the boy REALLY needed some good comfy stuff to wear for the holidays.

Ringer tee, size boys S
Original price $7.94, clearance price $1.49, my price $0.47

For the Girl:

Long sleeve sparkle tees--these are pretty cool--it's actual sequins sewn down under decorative thread (so they are REALLY in place, and also not as...sequinny as they could be).  Size 2T and 3T.
Original price $14.94 each, clearance price $2.40 each, my price $0.75 each.

PURPLE HELLO KITTY HALLOWEEN OMG my daughter is going to pass out when she sees this.  Which is why it's put away until next October, when it will fit her.  Size 3T.
Original price $14.94, clearance price $2.40, my price $0.75.

Heart print denim ruffle skirt, size 3T
No tag on this one, so original price is a guess, but most ON embellished denim girls skirts retail for $19.94, so that's what I'm going with.  Clearance price $3.60, my price $1.13.

Oh, and I forgot to take pictures, but she's been needing new leggings so I picked her up three pair.  They are all different (one flowered, one striped, and one solid red), but they're like this:

Original price $8.94 each, clearance price $3 each, my price $0.94 each.

For me:

This tunic didn't photograph so well, so here's the photo from ON's website:

 I really like the feel of it on (it's just rayon, nothing fancy) and I got it because I needed something to wear with my green pencil skirt that I got in my last ON bargain hunt.  It's fun!
Original price $29.94, clearance price $7.50, my price $2.36.

Oh, and I almost forgot!  I just had to take a phone pic of this item and upload it to show you:

Cute travel mug, original price $8.50, clearance price $0.60, my price $0.19!  I haven't unwrapped it yet because I may decide to give it to someone as part of a gift.  Someone who doesn't read this blog, obviously :)

Oh, and don't forget about the cute pink fabric tote bag with exterior pocket that they gave me to carry away my haul!  I love that they do that.

So, the total retail price of all of this stuff would have been....drum roll....$177.84!  And I paid $13.75! That's 93% off of original price!  It would have been $43.75 without my rewards $$, so more like 75% off...that would do, I guess.

Have you scored any great deals lately?  Tell me your secrets!

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