Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Boys faux-fly pocket pants!

Oh man!  I can't believe I forgot to blog these!

It's because I didn't invent them, but I did love this tutorial from Melly Sews.  It combined a faux-fly pocket front with my favorite boys pants pattern from Dana Made It.

You guys KNOW how I love a pocket.
I fancied them up a little by using contrast fabric for the pockets, and making lined pockets (and flipping the top over so it would show) on the back rather than just ironing the edges down for the back pockets.  I didn't spell out how I made my pockets--I think if you follow her tutorial and look at my pictures, you could figure out the tiny adjustment I made in the back.

It's me, so these were of course made out of a pair of women's pants, meaning the hem was already done for me.

The pockets and faux fly definitely make this a longer project than the basic pants, but I love the way they turned out and they look so much more "grown-up" than a plain elastic waist.  But still no snaps and zippers to deal with!

Here's how they look on the boy:

Dana's pattern is supposedly a 3T, but I only added a tiny bit of length to these (less than an inch), and they fit my extra-tall four-and-a-half year old perfectly.  I didn't add any width to the flat-front waist, but I did add a little length to the rise because I've made these before and they show a little bit too much crack for my taste.  For reference, he usually wears a size 4T, and some 5T if I can tighten up the waist.

No plumbers around here!

But today, of course, he's got them on backwards, and he has no interest in turning them around.  So I guess you could say they are reversible.  That's what reminded me that I hadn't done a blog post on these pants yet.

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