Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Outing

Oh, the love.  These guys really do get along very well.
 There we were, just hanging out on the porch in our very festive outfits...

Reading some books and such...
It really wasn't very exciting...

When what do we see?

Did you notice the matching socks? 
It's our neighbor!  We love this guy!

Our neighbor and his mom were taking a walk around the corner to the dry cleaners, so we decided to join them.  Luckily, a tantrum-free dry-cleaners walk resulted in a stop at the cafe for a St. Paddy's Day treat.

 Did you know that one mint-chocolate-chip shake divides perfectly between three kids? 

Somehow I bet that if I tried to split a shake three ways with two of my friends, we wouldn't each get our own whipped cream and maraschino cherry.  Ageism.

A couple of tough guys, walking back home
It's so great living in a neighborhood full of kids,where we can walk around the corner for a milkshake!  I mean, seriously!  I love where we live.

Thanks a lot, Garbage Day, for ruining my shot.
I couldn't resist putting this tiny hat on Little Sister again for St. Patrick's Day--my friend Jill sent it to me last year, and I'm pretty sure Little Sister won't put up with it again next year, so I'm seizing the moment.  Tee hee, tiny hats!  Does this qualify as a fascinator?

I bought "I'm Irish" shirts in two different sizes last year on clearance
so I could do this for the next couple of St. Paddy's Days.
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