Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kindle covers!

So, I got a Kindle for my birthday, and I thought, "Yay!  I can make a cover for it!"

Seriously.  I made two of them before I even downloaded a single book.

The first one was fabric with fleece lining.  I knew I wanted the fleece lining, and I only had enough of one fabric that matched the fleece that I had, so I'm only meh about the fabric choice.  And duh, the fleece lining doesn't even show.  Strangely enough, since I was too lazy to actually measure and just wrapped the fabric around the Kindle itself before sewing, it turned out a bit wonky.  And it's pretty thin (not very protective), but it will keep it from getting scratched in my purse.

Meh.  See how it's lumpy at the bottom?
So I decided to knit and felt one.  Because if sewing isn't precise enough for you, DEFINITELY go with felting a knitted piece.  For those of you who don't knit/felt, that was sarcasm.  So while I love the aesthetics of my knitted cover, it leaves a bit to be desired in terms of snugness.  I just couldn't get it to felt down any further!

Cool, right?
But too big.

In any case, I now have two semi-functional Kindle cases, and three downloaded books.  I may have finally spent as much time reading on the Kindle as I have making covers for it.

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  1. I love these. What a great idea. And, I am crazy about the fact that you have almost as many covers as you have books.


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