Thursday, April 30, 2015

Matching Map Tops

Who says I can only make matching outfits for my daughter and me?

My husband would probably die if my son and I decided to wear these shirts at the same time, but sometimes the fabric I find appeals to both me and Little Sister, and other times, not as often, it appeals to me and The Boy!

This fabric was another of my 100 yen per meter finds, so I used it to make a Bess Top from Imagine Gnats.  This is the tunic length with the lower neckline.  I sized down from what my measurements said and I'm happy that I did--it turned out figure-flattering without being tight.  The map print on the front is a knit fabric, although not a very stretchy one, and the back is a lightweight woven.

I love being able to use two fabrics on this pattern!  I had a little trouble turning the corner on my shoulder detail (can you see that little pleat at the corner?) but when I made this pattern a second time I followed the directions more closely and it came out just right.

It didn't turn out to be the best day for a photo session but I managed to get a few shots to show you.  The Bess Top is definitely a pattern I can see myself making multiple times!

The Boy's shirt is just a self-drafted tee based on a shirt that fits him well.  The sleeves, pocket, and binding are from an Old Navy shirt of mine that had gotten stained.

This is the temple that's next door to our house.
I make his tops long and narrow, like him.  Gotta keep the top of those pants covered!  Being able to adjust the proportions on a basic tee is definitely a benefit of being a sewing mom.

So this post is probably the only time you'll see us both wearing our shirts, but it's enough for me to know that we have them!


  1. Fun fabric! And I love that you have matching shirts even if they are never worn together again. :)

  2. I wish I could go fabric shopping with you! I loved the 100 yen store in Okinawa! Both shirts are fun.

  3. I adore your fabric combos! Great print mixing!

  4. I adore your fabric combos! Great print mixing!


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