Monday, September 29, 2014

Denim Challenge--Fall Style for the Boy

OK!  Selfish Sewing Week is over, and it's time to get back to Project Run and Play and sewing for my kids!  This week's challenge was denim, which means it's The Boy's turn to get an outfit (since Little Sister will not wear anything made of denim, no matter how cute and feminine I make it).

I struggled with this week a little, since The Boy has a school uniform this year and therefore needs far fewer clothes to get him through the season.  But when I found this cool denim (in--you guessed it--Nippori, Tokyo's Fabric Town), I got inspired to make him a fun fall outfit to wear on the weekends.

He even had denim shoes!
 I can totally picture him wearing this on a crisp walk in the country when we are traveling around Japan this fall.

The brown denim caught my attention because in addition to having a slight stretch, it also had a really soft, brushed interior.

Can you tell it's fuzzy from this picture?
I hadn't seen this type of denim before, and it seemed to me like it would give some extra warmth without adding the bulk of a lining.  I started with the unisex Hosh Pants pattern from LouBee Clothing, but sized it up since he's already out of the size 6.  I also widened the leg slightly (more than the upsizing would have been), and opted for a knit casing for an elastic waistband rather than the button-tab elastic.  Oh, and I added a faux fly, using this tutorial from Melly Sews.

I love the fit!

One final touch on the jeans--I freehanded a loose "LJ" on the back pockets--The Boy's first and middle initials ;)   He loves that!

And I lined the pockets with the same fabric I used on his shawl collar, even though it's pretty much impossible to see.

His shirt is not made of denim, but this variegated blue knit had a denim feel for me.  And the woven print I used for the collar also has a denim-like variation in the solid background color that it's hard to capture on film, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Let's just pretend the print on the collar isn't upside down.
 I used the free Scrubby Jams top pattern from Sewing Mama RaeAnna as a jumping off point for this shirt, but cut it narrower since I was using knit, and made some adjustments to the top pieces and the binding to get this shawl collar effect.

The collar is hand-tacked in several places so it looks just casually folded over but in reality it's not going anywhere.  And I did a rolled hem on the sleeves--I was planning on adding a cuff, but they were exactly the right length and the fabric rolled nicely, so I just tacked that in place too.  I can always add a cuff later when his arms get too long for it!

Both fabrics cost less than $1 per yard. I just want to buy all the fabrics.
 I like taking the denim blue colors and textures but mixing it with actual denim in a different color, avoiding the Texas Tuxedo look.

The final touch was the cap, which I made out of an old jean skirt of mine using this free sunhat pattern from Lusa Organics.  I made the brim smaller, and since the denim was a little thicker than the cottons shown in the tutorial I thought I could get away with a double layer of interfacing on the brim since I didn't have any hat brim insert material.

The seams were from the skirt I cut up--I couldn't avoid them, so I placed them front and center.
 It seems to have worked!

The hat lining is the same knit I used on the shirt.

And bonus--the hat fits me too!  We might have to share!

And it just wouldn't be a photo shoot with my boy if there wasn't a pic of him airborne, so here you go!


  1. Oh how I love that brown denim! (We went with not blue denim this week too!) But that it lots! Nice job on the whole outfit.

  2. Ooooh, brown denim! I wish I'd had that on hand for the dress I'm making right now! Love the whole outfit!

  3. This is really cool! Love the pocket initials detail and those hat seams totally worked:)

  4. I am sure glad there was a denim week because your son looks thrilled that you sewed an outfit for him. Have a great time in Japan! Love, Momma Shaffer

  5. Really lovely. My best part is the cap: really cool. I love the jeans too with the Work that went into it.

  6. Those pants are awesome! I can wear my kids hats too. LOL

  7. Those pants!! The Hosh are such a staple pattern!


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