Monday, October 14, 2013

Graphic Print Pocket Tunic

Every time I'm fabric shopping, Lotta Jansdotter's prints catch my eye.  But I haven't bought any...until this summer, when I found some in the outdoor clearance at Fabric Depot for only $4 a yard!  This print, while definitely recognizable as her work, is a bigger version of what I am usually drawn to, although the colors are right up my alley!  So when Project Sewn announced that one of the themes would be Graphic Prints, I knew it was time to cut into it!

Main fabric is Lotta Jansdotter Choma in Bermuda

I actually ended up sewing pretty much exactly what I imagined when I bought the fabric.  A loose tunic that can be belted for more shape, based on this tutorial from Made it on Monday that I pinned ages ago.  I kept it simple by leaving out the zipper in the back (the neckline was wide enough to not need one) and added on-seam pockets so I have a place to stash my stuff when I wear it with leggings.  I used a cotton blend jersey for the binding on the neckline and armholes, and bound it using this method from Kitschy Coo, although since the body of the tunic is a woven cotton instead of a knit I didn't stretch the jersey very much as I sewed it.  Both the band on the hem and the binding were scraps left over from other projects, so that kept this project inside a comfortable budget for me. I used about 1.5 yards of the main fabric, which wasn't quite enough to cut out the front and back panels in one big piece.  That (and because I liked the way it looked) is why there's a panel going the opposite direction in the back.

I think I might unpick that pleat at the back just an inch or two.

Using such a bold print meant paying a lot closer attention than I usually do to cutting the fabric symmetrically and lining things up with my pleats, etc.  I like the way the pleating changes the look of the pattern since I was careful to have things lined up just so--something not nearly as important when using solids or the little prints I am usually working with.

The full length effect
Just belt it! Cinch it!
So that's it!  Jump over here starting Friday 10/18 to view and vote for my graphic print look on Project Sewn, and in the meantime you can vote for the designers in the main contest starting Tuesday!


  1. I think it looks great... and the fabric is super fun. Nice job!
    Kristi - kopykat

  2. Very pretty! I love the print! You look super stylish!

  3. So cute! Great use of this fabric. I have Lotta Jansdotter's fabric in my stash for months. Maybe it's time to cut it out...?

  4. oh love it! Love the fabric. This tunic fits you so well! Congrats, well done :)

  5. Very stylish, I think the simple shape works well with the bold print and I like the shoulder panel at the back, I would not have guessed it was to save fabric and the brown band at the bottom works well too. Glad to hear it has pockets as well!

  6. Looks great on you! - love the colors and shape.

  7. That fabric was a super deal! And your shirt is awesome!


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