Monday, June 27, 2011

Sewing as a favor

Last week, a friend asked me to hem some pants for her little boy, who needs to look dapper for his uncle's wedding this weekend.  I was happy to oblige--I've been telling my friends that I'm able to take care of little sewing needs for them, so I was glad she took me up on it.  This is really the first time I've done any sewing for anyone other than myself or my kids (headbands/appliqued t-shirts excepted).

You guys, it totally stressed me out!  I'm hesitant to write this because I know this friend reads my blog and I don't want her to feel bad--Rach, don't worry!  It has a happy ending!  But anyway, when I started measuring those cuffs, I was so nervous to cut that fabric off.  And I was so worried about puckering the fabric.  And when I went to press the hems before sewing them, there was no tag in the pants with care instructions, and it just wouldn't press without high heat, at which point it seemed to get a little sticky--yikes!  Every step of the way, I was totally worried about ruining the pants.  For a simple little hem.  And big surprise--they turned out perfectly fine.  I mean, I know how to hem pants!  This is no big deal!  So why am I freaking out?  And did I mention, I totally procrastinated this project too.  She dropped them off with me last Wednesday.  The family gets on a plane for the wedding the day after tomorrow. I just finished them tonight, at about 11:15, breaking my own "no sewing after 11:00" rule. I did have a busy few days and was out of town for the weekend, but there were times I could have done it, and I just couldn't get motivated, because deep down I was worried that I wouldn't do a good job, and little D would be wearing these hacked-up pants for all of the wedding pictures, and I would ruin everything.  Because clearly, the wedding would be ruined if the ring bearer had a crooked hem.

So, in the end, the pants are good.  The legs are the same length, the hem is straight, I even added belt loops using the leftover fabric so that little D can cinch the waist so they don't fall down (I wasn't going to attempt taking in the waist, but this should help).  And now I have more confidence for the next time I get to help someone out who needs a simple sewing favor.  Don't all come knocking down my door at once, please!

belt loops and hem.  Phew, they're fine.  Now I just hope they fit!


  1. They fit! They fit! They are perfect, thank you so much!!! We really appreciate it, sorry for all the angst. You saved the wedding :).


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