Saturday, May 21, 2011

Projects for other people!

I've been busy making a couple of coordinated sets of shirts and headwear (not to be confused with headgear, see your orthodontist for that) as special orders/gifts, and it's been so fun!  First, I made t-shirts and birthday crowns for a couple of brothers whose birthdays are only a few days apart.  One likes planes, the other likes trains.   Guess they need another sibling who likes automobiles!  And their aunt, who ordered this stuff, had the brilliant idea of putting their first initials on their birthday crowns instead of their ages--BAM!  Year-round crown, not just for birthdays anymore!

Little brother likes planes.

Little brother is turning 3!

You know I couldn't resist having The Boy model!

Big brother likes trains--same fabric as the other applique

Big brother is turning 6.

The Boy, who has never met these boys, wanted to play B and Z all morning.
I only let him wear the crowns for the photo shoot though :)

Also, we have some lovely friends with two little girls who will each be receiving a shirt and headband for their birthdays.  Both shirts look mostly like this:

One is a little bigger, one is a little smaller, both have owls, but the owls have subtle differences:

The same!  But different!
And I made coordinating headbands too.  There is a dilemma however.  Both little ladies can wear the same size headband.  So do I give them matching headbands, or two different ones so they can switch it up if they want?  Here are the two different looks--weigh in and let me know, should I give them both flowers, both feathers, or one of each?

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