Sunday, September 15, 2013

Break me of a piece of that...Candy-Theme T-Shirt!

When I think of candy, it has to be chocolate.  Well, it's not like I'd turn down any other candy, but still, chocolate is my preference.  So when I started thinking about this week's Project Run & Play theme, Candy, my mind went immediately to those fun-size Halloween bars.  And I got a visual for my project this week--layers of wafer wrapped in chocolate, with a red wrapper.  A Kit-Kat bar!

Since my daughter got my project from last week's theme, I knew I wanted to do something for my son, who just started kindergarten this week.  And having recently assessed his drawers, I found that the hole in his wardrobe currently is long-sleeved tees.  So between one of my old brown long-sleeved tees, a knit striped romper The Boy himself wore as a baby, and a little bit of red knit from a shirt that has been snipped into lots of different projects, I was able to make a cool, functional shirt that is just sweet enough to fit the candy theme.

When I started cutting my pattern pieces, I was surprised to learn that a women's size medium fitted tee is almost exactly the same width as a size 6 boys tee, in both the body and the sleeves.  Which was nice--saved me sewing some side seams!  I used the original hem on the body as well.  I started out using the original hem on the sleeves too, but they came out a little long and a little loose, so I ended up cutting off the original hems to add the red cuff, which I really like.  They're more fitted than the sleeve, so they keep the sleeves off his hands even though they are still long to allow for growth.

The obligatory jumping shot
Speaking of the sleeves, this was where I wanted to give that "kit-kat" look by layering in some striped fabric to represent the wafer layers with chocolate around it.  I hadn't quite decided on the placement of the stripes until I had the sleeves cut--then I thought it would be fun to make them asymmetrical.

Another accidental design element is the back.  When I cut out my pattern pieces (I started with the MADE basic tee but sized it up a bit), I cut front and back together and cut both pieces with the higher "back" neckline so I could lower the front one later.  Then not 10 seconds later, I went ahead and cut BOTH down to the front neckline!  D'oh!  Oh well--I re-cut the back pattern piece just for the top of the shirt out of my "wafer layer" striped accent fabric, and I think it was a perfect place to incorporate a little more of that stripe.

Oops--got a little overexposed so you can't see the stripes, but they're there.
I also cut out four strips of the striped fabric in slightly different lengths to make the raw-edge applique on the front of the shirt.  I wanted a nod to the kit-kat bar's four pieces while still looking like a cool design for a t-shirt.  I'm happy with it!  And the final kit-kat inspiration was using the red for the bindings, since kit-kat bars come in a red wrapper.

I topstitched around the neckline using a double needle to keep some stretch in there, and I love how professional that finish looks.  I even got brave and did contrast stitching (verrrrry verrrry slowly so I didn't mess it up).

Contrast topstitching

I had to go for the built-in bribery factor for photographing a candy themed shirt.  How better to get the kiddo to pose nicely for me than to bring an edible prop to the photo shoot?


Of course, that meant I had to bribe a certain someone else to stay OUT of most of the photos...

But she was a good sport, and I ended up snapping a few fun ones of both kids together as long as we were in front of this cool painted wall!

All in all, I'm so happy because this is an awesome fall shirt that I would never have thought of without the inspiration from Project Run & Play.  Thanks guys!  Be sure to click over to see what everyone else is linking up in the sewalong, and here to vote for this round's competitors--they are so amazing!


  1. What a great idea! I love that you made a boy outfit! And I love Kit Kats too! :)

  2. Love the idea! And those photos are so adorable! I couldn't help "awe" at the one of your son and daughter looking at each other!

  3. He looks great! Love the idea. Don't forget to come link to our Fall Clothing Party!!!

  4. I love how you can definitely see the kit kat theme, but it's not over the top candy! :)

  5. very cool - and Adorable pics!

  6. Kit kats are one of my favorites! The shirt is great and the pics of both kids are just too adorable!

  7. Love the shirt! The back really was a happy accident! :) Looks awesome.

  8. I love the shirt! Great job and it's so original!!!

  9. Awesome! Couldn't help but laugh at the photos of him holding the Kit Kat in front of his outfit....yeah, we've got some similar photos of our entry to come (but with a different candy)!

  10. I have to start by saying that your son is just adorable (your daughter too). Okay on to the shirt. Very cute. It looks very well made and the "wafer" fabric totally looks like the wafers in the candy bars. I really like the way the brown looks with the little pops of color here and there too. :-)

  11. That picture of them head to head may be the sweetest picture ever! I love what you did with the theme, too. I'm a tad obsessed with raglans right now!

  12. What a fun and unique shirt! And it looks like the photo shoot was fun too...your photos are beautiful and I especially love those with 2 kids together!

  13. so cute! that shirt turned out perfect, I can see the candy inspiration, but its totally wearable... great combo. I linked up a Milky Way inspired outfit for my son... SO much fun! Emily@nap-timecreations

  14. Perfect fall shirt for your son & I love that you bribe your cute.

  15. Oh my gosh! This is seriously one of my favorite things from the linky party! That shirt is pure awesomeness. I can totally see how it is kitkat inspired but it isn't all crazy it's a freaking cool shirt! Love it.


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