Friday, August 5, 2011

Rag Dolls

I made these:

For them:

Icing gingerbread cookies at Christmastime
to take on their plane ride to far, far away for the next two years.  The Boy was so disappointed that he would not have a chance to show these ladies his new cartwheel skills in person, but he was somewhat mollified by a promise to show them via skype.  He is in love with these girls, despite the fact that they live(d?) in another state and we only saw each other every few months.  He has named two of his matchbox cars after them.

We are going to miss you!
Little Sister will mostly miss the dolls.

I guess I'm going to have to make her her own, huh?
I got the basic pattern here, but as per usual I did make a change--I added the hair using my machine, and I did it before I sewed the front and back halves together.  Let me see if I can explain more clearly what I did with the hair....hmmm, I can't.  Email me if you really want to know!  Also, I only used scraps (yarn, fabric, batting (well, repurposed from the inside of an old pillow), even embroidery thread!) to make these dolls, so they were FREE!

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