Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boy Headband!

As I've mentioned before, The Boy has shown a lot of interest in Little Sister's flower headbands.  So finally, I told him I would make him a headband of his very own.  I asked him what he wanted on his headband, and he chose a cat.  He wanted an orange cat like our pet, Daphne, and he wanted a blue headband.  I'm so glad he has opinions on this stuff!  Makes it so I don't have to think.

Here's the final product!
Note that he's also rocking the cape made by his best buddy's mom.
Really, no superhero is complete without a headband.
As a side note, The Boy designed his shirt too--he wanted a kangaroo, he chose the fabric from my stash, and there you go.  He is the idea guy.  He gets paid in clothes, accessories, and car mats.  (Not to mention food, shelter, etc--he better keep those ideas coming!)


  1. This is adorable! It totally reminds me of a pic my mom has of Joey where he fashioned a headband out of a belt with a little car on it :). I think it was about 5 at the time.

  2. Very fun! It reminds me of the Ninja headbands Jonathan used to wear. One time when we were traveling, he fell off a porch and cut the top of his ear where it joined to his head. We fashioned a headband that caught the top of his ear to keep it next to his head while it healed. When he realized he looked like a Ninja, he stopped crying and felt tough. Boys need headbands too! Liam instinctively knew that. :-) Good job, Mom!

  3. Cat Power!! This is too much - Liam is such a fun, kid. That's so awesome that he has opinions on what he wants. Love the shirt, too. :)


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