Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthday Invitations!

I know several little boys with birthdays in January, my own included.  His birthday is on the 30th, so when he turned three we had already been invited to a couple of other parties that month.  One self-proclaimed "not crafty" friend* sent out invitations that she had MADE along with her 4-year-old birthday boy.  Well, as I am not shy about my crafty tendencies, I felt the (self-inflicted) pressure to step up my birthday invitation game past picking up the package from the Target card aisle.  If they could do it, by gosh, so could we!  As I am a total cheapskate and our favor bags etc would be random selections of hand-me-down leftovers from birthday themes of the past, we went with pizza invitations to indicate the party's food selection rather than any coherent theme.

Note the green pepper "3"--aren't I clever?

So I cut out the cardstock for the crust and the sauce (I also glued these together), and I cut out the construction paper toppings, and the boy glued the toppings to the pizza.  It turned out being a fun project that he really was capable of "helping" on (which is not to say that it wouldn't have gone three times faster if I had just done it myself).  I printed the party info just on regular computer paper and glued it to the back.  I did need to put extra postage on, just in case, since some of the envelopes were a bit lumpy, but I cut the pizza so that it would fit into the leftover envelopes from our Christmas cards, eliminating the need to buy envelopes.  Bonus!

Poor Little Sister.  She's turning one this month (I can hardly believe it!) and her party invitations are not nearly as exciting.  She's clearly the second child.

Maybe when you can make your own invitations,
you won't get stuck with Target clearance.

*I believe the handmade superhero capes and the now permanent in-house sewing machine officially negate this status.


  1. I'm sure you can come up with a crafty Iris themed invitation. What's this "2nd child" stuff? We still plan to finish your brother's baby book before his 30th birthday.

  2. I love both the invitations, Beth. By the way, I don't even do proper invitations at all. Evite is as crafty as I get. I may steal your idea for the pizza invites, but maybe with cakes for G's 4th.

    Oh, Iris' new dress is fantastic. Does it come in my size?


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