Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Legwarmers!

I like this thing I've started (for all two posts so far) of ending my title with an exclamation point.  Makes it fun, don't you think?

Anyway, while visiting my dear friend Jill last weekend she showed me the legwarmers she made for her wee bebeh out of a pair of adult socks.  Now, her baby is still too little to wear them, but mine has nice chunky legs just begging for a new pair of legwarmers!  I love babylegs, and we have a few pairs, but I am a total cheapskate and love finding clearance kneesocks for fifty cents at Target, so VOILA, baby legwarmers!

Don't look too close at the stitching.  You will notice that I am not so much a perfectionist when I am creating things I intend to keep for my own children.

I can never choose just one photo.  Love how she posed for me with her legs up--
legwarmer ad campaign, here she comes!

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