Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exploiting My Children!

So, as I just posted, I have recently opened an etsy shop.  I had a fabulous photographer take some pictures to get it off the ground (thanks Emily G!), but as I continue to make new headbands, I have been getting photos myself.

So, I make headbands in sizes that fit anywhere from newborn babes to full-fledged grown-ups.  I can use Little Sister and myself to model most of the bands, but I really want to show the range of sizes, particularly when I am selling a headband in a toddler/girls size.  This was great at the photo shoot because Emily's lovely daughter and a friend did some modeling for me, but now, I'm kind of at a loss.  All of the kids I have regular access to are boys.

Which leads to my dilemma.

The Boy loves playing make-believe.  He also wants to be involved in whatever I'm doing.  He also doesn't want Little Sister to get more attention than him.   So when I'm taking pictures of Little Sister wearing her headbands for the website, The Boy wants to wear a headband too.  "I'm Little Sister," he says, "and this is my flower."

So, since my site involves mostly close-ups of the bands themselves, is it wrong to take advantage of The Boy's willingness to put on a headband and get in front of the camera?

Who am I?

A darling model, regardless...
So what would you do?  Can I put these up while waiting for an actual girl model to use so that I have some image of a kid wearing the headband?

And to avoid further confusion for The Boy, do you have a daughter I can take pictures of for my website?  There might be a headband in it for you!


  1. Your son is a beautiful boy - and he seems to be able to pull off a flowered headband! I think the pics are ok to use until you have a toddler girl to pose. Just list the size of the headband, and let the headband speak for itself!

    Lylas :).

  2. I don't think you need to worry about it, but I will try to take a good headband photo of my girl tomorrow, if you would like. tee hee hee. Liam really rocks it, by the way. And I wouldn't want any other models than your awesome kids!

  3. I'd love a pic of little G in her headband, Miss! I know she knows how to work the camera :) Send it my way if you can snap one.


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