Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweater Dress!

I made pants out of some sweater sleeves, leaving me with an armless torso.  So I grabbed one of Little Sister's jumpers to copy for size/shape, since I hate measuring or following patterns, and dug into the fabric stash (almost entirely made up of scraps from the hubby's grandmother's quilting days) for some accents.  This was a challenge, as there are few fabrics that coordinated with the sweater, and even fewer that had pieces long enough for the belt/trim that I needed.  I do like the one I ended up with though, and the fabric was originally used in our wedding quilt, which is still on our bed.

Happy baby!
But the photos is where things started getting difficult.  Little Sister was a lovely model until I decided I needed a straight-on shot of her standing up.  She's not quite doing that on her own yet, so I needed to hold her hand, necessitating the use of the camera's remote.

Well, what have we here?  A remote control?  How interesting!
I'll take that, please.
Why can't I reach it now?
I need the remote! Mine!
It's right there.  I can still get it.
Do not try to appease me with this old remote to a TV
that we don't even have in this house anymore!  I was not
born yesterday!

Seriously, how can they tell whether a remote is functional or not?  In any case, the dress has been duly recorded for posterity, and I don't think Little Sister was too traumatized.  Drama queen.

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  1. Love the dress! Iris looks so cute in it, too. Nice job!


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