Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Making skirts on Election Night

I made this skirt last night while watching election results. Therefore, I will always feel patriotic when I wear it.  I gotta say though--did anyone else find the quick presidential results anticlimactic?  Not that I'm disappointed with the outcome, but...maybe it's because the first presidential election I was able to vote in was the great Gore/Bush debacle of 2000, but I like a little dramatic tension with my election television.  This time, I rushed the kids into bed so that I could settle in front of the TV to nervously await each state's electoral votes--but before the goodnight kiss, the election was decided.  Much more relaxing, but I missed my night's entertainment.  Hence all the sewing, while I waited for the candidate's speeches.  I was feeling lucky that I was on the west coast so I could watch those speeches and still go to bed at a reasonable hour!

But back to the skirt.  It's the Milkmaid Skirt by Crafterhours again--I've made two others using this pattern, and it's a great, easy skirt with, you guessed it, pockets.  If a women's skirt or dress ever turns up on this website without pockets in it, please alert the authorities, because it means my blog has been hijacked.

I fell in love with this soft, lightweight cotton printed with a denim-y railroad stripe when I found it on clearance for $1.50 a yard, and bought all that they had (about 2.5 yards).  This used about a yard of it.  I knew as soon as I saw it that I would make a Milkmaid skirt out of it--it even reminds me of the fabric Adrianna used in the tutorial.  Love her idea to turn the pocket lining on its side to give it some contrast!

I used a narrow gray bias tape from Colby's grandma's stash for the pocket trim, rather than making my own.  One of these days I just won't have something that coordinates and I'll have to make my own bias trim, but until that day comes, I love the packaged stuff.

Fabric/Pocket/Bias tape detail
I love that it's neutral enough to try out my new burgundy tights.  I'm delicately dipping my toe into the bright colorful tights trend with burgundy (I have a navy pair too).  Wild.

Those tights are NOT black!  Promise!
I think I'll use some of the rest of the fabric to make a pair of pants for The Boy, although it is pretty lightweight. I'd love to make Little Sister a dress out of it, but unless I add some purple ruffles and sparkles, I really doubt I could get her to wear it.  I actually am making a little girl Milkmaid skirt for Little Sister too--with a fabulous remnant of teal tweed with little gold threads running through it.  I couldn't finish it last night because I needed to pick up some more bias tape at the store.  It should be done tonight, so look for it soon on a blog near you!  Hopefully the sparkle of the gold threads plus the pockets will be enough to entice Little Sister to wear it.

By the way, I don't know what I was thinking posting my belted pocket dress yesterday.  Who is going to be checking craft blogs on election day? I'm pretty proud of this dress, so if you missed it, take a look!  You can even see my incredibly on-trend navy blue tights.

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  1. Love this fabric. Such a great deal! I like the bias tape you used too. I always say I'm going to make my own bias tape, but I never seem to actually do it. :)


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