Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Outfits, Part 1: The Milkmaid Skirt for little girls

After making three of Crafterhours' awesome Milkmaid Skirts for Grownup Girls for myself (here and here), I thought it was time to make one for Little Sister, using her original little-girls milkmaid skirt tutorial.

Little Sister's Milkmaid skirt
I knew as soon as I saw this little gold-flecked tweed remnant that this would be the skirt.

I reversed the direction of the fabric for the pocket lining--subtle but kind of a cool detail!  

It was a close call--I had to adapt the waistband because I didn't have enough fabric to do it the way the tutorial describes, but I was able to make this little beauty with a remnant that was only 1/3 of a yard.  I paid 85 cents for the remnant.  I did have to buy the turquoise bias tape, but I had a 60% off coupon, so that cost about a dollar (and I didn't use it all).  Funny--I think I may have paid more for the bias tape than the fabric!  I guess I really do need to start making my own bias tape.

The ever-popular "jump on the bed" pose

Trying out the pocket

The back
Anyway, super cute!  And she agreed to wear it!  Hopefully that will happen for me again, because I'd love this to be part of her Thanksgiving outfit.  Wish me luck!

Final cost:  $1.85.

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