Thursday, December 29, 2011

Handmade Gift Rundown

We made it through the holidays!  I tried to make most my gifts, and I did manage a big chunk of them--but there was definitely some last-minute shopping in the end.  Here are some of the things I made (with links when relevant).  Some you've already seen, and some I will blog about soon!

Both kids (and a few neighbors/friends) got these ornaments made from felted sweater scraps.

I held on to those scraps after I saw this in the anthropologie catalog, for $8 a pop (although they are now $2 after Christmas!):  
from anthropologie
I also made this little ornament for my book club exchange--it turned out so cute!  And my friend-for-life (since we were three) ended up with it, so that's fun.  Also I guess attaching this was a dead giveaway for which gift was mine, and she likes my taste in books, so not exactly a coincidence, but...

Felted sweater cover with regular old felt pages.  

When I made this tic-tac-toe board for The Boy's buddy, he had to have one too--so I made him his own!  It was Little Sister's gift to him--isn't she thoughtful?

Even though I enjoy making kindle covers, I bought a leather one for the dad.  But he did not escape the homemade gift fairy completely--The Boy helped me make this shirt that I saw on Pinterest.  He drives his cars on the road, Dad gets a back rub.  Right?

The front is so stylish, he'll probably wear it every day.

You can get the printable template to trace this pattern here:
Car Shirt Tutorial

I saw so many variations of these pretty painted mugs on pinterest that I wanted to try it myself.  So some friends and family got these mugs filled with treats.  Dishwasher safe and everything!

The glass of wine is required.  I promise it makes your painting look better (at least to you).

Painted with this stuff--hard to come by
the week before Christmas!  I guess I wasn't the
only one painting mugs this year.  Thanks a lot, pinterest.
I also tried my hand at making Irish Cream, and I think it turned out well.  Stronger than the storebought stuff I had in my fridge when we did a side-by-side, but tasty!
With a felted scrap ornament

This scarf was made from an upcycled sweater--I didn't want to do another infinity scarf so I tried making ruffles for a little something special, and what do you worked!  I'll do a whole post on this one soon.
I wish my sweater wasn't blue so that you could see it better.  Oh well.
Close up of the ruffles
This framed photo was a gift that I blogged about previously,
Repurposed "art" frame from Ross

and I am also known for doing family photo calendars which have become quite indispensable, and this year was no exception.

Oh, I did have a few duds--this was one of them.  This craft dough (it's just baking soda, cornstarch, and water that you cook on the stovetop) was totally easy to make, lovely to work with...but then it dried terribly, all cracked and broken!  Back to the drawing board for this one, unless someone out there knows what I did wrong!
This would have been cute, am I right?
Did you make any of your gifts this year?  Let me know, so I can get busy for next year!

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  1. First of all: AH-MAZING! You are my idol, Beth. You also made two things from pinterest that I pinned to one day make, so it was great seeing them come to life. LOVE the back rub t-shirt - such a great idea and really cute. The mugs turned out really well (something I definitely want to do), and holy cow, I can't believe you made irish creme. Yum. God, I wish we lived next door to each other. :) Great post from a great blog! So glad this exists for us to read and enjoy! More posts for 2012, right! Love you!


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