Monday, April 27, 2015

Strawberry Slip Dress

When I spotted this fabric on the knits floor at Tomato in Nippori, I knew I should get it, even though it's much crazier than the stuff I usually sew with.  I didn't know what I would make, but I knew I'd regret it if I didn't bring it home (especially at 200 yen per meter!)  And bonus--it's really soft, a good thickness, and stretches in both directions!

Also a good pic of Little Sister's new short haircut!
When Little Sister spotted it at home, it was love at first sight--she was immediately on me to make something for her out of it.  She started thinking about it and had some specific details in mind--tank top dress, not too long, with skinny straps.

She also wanted to call it the Silly Strawberry dress.

I had printed, taped, and cut out the free Baby Slip Dress pattern from Suburbia Soup a few months ago, but hadn't made one yet.  Even though that pattern is for a woven, I figured I'd give it a try, making a few adjustments for knit fabric.  

 I had cut out a size 4, and if I was making it with a woven I  probably would have made a 5 but since I was using knit I figured the smaller size would be just fine. 

I might add a little more length next time I make this dress.

Really though, this pattern is very flexible and forgiving--you can adjust the gathers to be as tight or loose as you want, essentially making the dress bigger or smaller.  And the free pattern is available in sizes 6 months to 6 years--nice!

The main two adjustments I made to the pattern were 1. to make the back in one piece, and 2. to shorten the straps around the arms by about 2 inches--I used rib knit for the binding as well.  I was a little nervous about being able to get it over her head without the opening in the back, but it was no problem at all.  I didn't even use a stretch stitch sewing on my knit binding--it just didn't need it.

And now I'm one more dress closer to my goal of bringing some new sundresses with us on our trip to Hawaii next week!  Maybe I'll get one done for myself, too!

Oh, and I almost forgot--when Little Sister saw the completed dress, she ran over to me, gave me a big hug and gushed, "THANK you mommy, I LOVE it!"  Perhaps the most excited she's ever been about something I made for her!  It was pretty gratifying, I have to say.  She wore it to school today--I snapped these quick pictures before we left this morning!


  1. Darling fabric & it looks simply adorable & fun on your little girl!

  2. Cute dress! I love this strawberry knit, and what a bargain! It is really lovely as a sundress. Hope you will have a great time in Hawaii!


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