Thursday, April 30, 2015

I'm In: Me Made May 2015

Ok, I'm signing up--I'm challenging myself to wear one self-made garment every day in May!

What is it you ask?  Sign up here!

I played along unofficially last year, not even really realizing there was more going on behind the scenes, but this time around I think I'm ready to participate for real.  I've been sewing for myself so much more in the last year, and this will be a good test of which items I feel are good enough for the real world :)

I'm going to try to take pictures every day, although they will most often probably be iPhone pics, either bad selfies or taken by my children!  But my goal is to post weekly summaries, since the idea blogging every day about stuff I've already blogged about when it was made is a little overwhelming to me.  Although this will be a good opportunity to get some photos of the things I've sewn that never made it to the blog!

In honor of day 1, I'm wearing the first top I made for myself when we arrived in Japan.  First photo courtesy of my 5 year old, second one taken by my husband :)

This is the Ruby Top pattern (tunic length) from Made by Rae.  After making this first one, I sized the pattern down and have made several different versions, including a dress, adding sleeves and altering the neckline. I prefer this top belted, but there are times when I like it loose, usually with leggings and a cardigan.  Looking back on this piece, I wish I would have used a softer fabric for the yoke--I like the color, but it feels a little stiff with the drapey fabric of the rest of the top.


  1. Wow Beth, if this was me, I'd have 3 things to wear. I'm impressed!

    1. We'll see how I do, Joy! I'm spending the next week on the beach in Hawaii, so I might have to fudge it by using a bag I made or something since I'm not making my own swimwear yet!


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