Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lucky #7 Pajamas

I haven't been able to get photos of most of my recent sewing projects other than the quick selfies I've been posting to Instagram, so I was looking through my iPhoto albums to see what projects I hadn't managed to blog about yet.

I made this pair of pajamas for The Boy's 7th birthday, which was in January.  Every time I saw him wearing the pajamas I made for him for his 6th birthday, I was cringing at his bare ankles and belly hanging out, promising myself I would get him some new pj's sewn up.  As a matter of fact, I don't think I ever blogged about those old pajamas either!  I just dug around and found some pics of one of the pairs I made but have no photo evidence of the cute moose pj's.  At least I can show you the Rebel Alliance pj's I made from a clearance Target men's t-shirt and scraps of black and neon green tees from my upcycling pile:

So, I may have been cutting it close on size even when they were new...

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The applique and contrast stitching detail

I had to crop Little Sister out of every photo of these pj's...

Oh, and look what else I found while looking for these pics--another project I never blogged!  I gave him these (and the missing moose) pajamas for his 6th birthday tucked inside of this PJ monster pillow cover that I made:

Clean pajamas get tucked right inside the "mouth"

Aww, look what The Boy's room looked like before we moved to Tokyo!

ANyway, back to the subject at hand--The Boy really needed some new pj's, and he was having his first slumber party for his birthday party this year, so I decided to make some jammies out of one of my favorite double gauze prints that I have found here in Japan.

The pants are Japanese double-gauze with a knit waistband and cuffs, and the knit top has double-gauze accent panels on the shoulders and back yoke, as well as the appliqu├ęd number 7.

For the top, I used the Bimaa Sweater pattern from LouBee Clothing but modified the neckline to a standard t-shirt neck.  And for the pants I have a self-drafted pattern that was at one point based on the Hosh Pants (also from LouBee) but has been so far removed from the original that I don't know that I can even claim that any more!

I love doing this kind of knit cuff on pajama pants (especially woven ones) because it allows me to make the pants with some growing room for length, but the cuffs keep the pants from dragging on the floor.

I wish I had taken a clearer picture of the print, because I absolutely love it.  I bought it in an aqua/coral/white color combo as well, which I haven't used yet.  This is the best I've got:

I even let him wear the shirt in public on his birthday--I don't think anybody could tell it was pajamas ;)

Happy 7th birthday four months ago!
I may be mining my old pictures some's crazy how many projects never make it onto the blog!  And maybe I'll get around to photographing some newer projects too!

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  1. Very nice love the fabric, and those cuff are great indeed for kids that mostly grow length wise, I also have four of those :)


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