Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scarves and more scarves!

I mentioned before how I made a lot of scarves this season, right?  Well, in addition to the three I've already showed you, I also made these:

As well as two more sets of armwarmers for the kids' preschool teachers (a GREAT gift for them, in my opinion, since they play outside several times a day and often need their fingers to help kids with things) and yet another set of armwarmers for our wonderful babysitter.  All of these came from sweaters that were either handed down to me because their owners could no longer use them (shrunken, or holey, etc) or that I found at Goodwill.  Most of them are at least part cashmere--the blue striped one is lambswool, but I made the inside of the scarf out of navy cashmere (the part that will be touching the recipient's neck).  

I used the same scarflet and armwarmer tutorials that I followed in this post--I listed my thoughts and things I did differently in that post too.

Here are my mom and mother-in-law showing off their sets:

Stay tuned for more of my crafty Christmas gifts!  I'm working my way through the list!

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  1. So cute Beth! I like scarves and armwarmers too!!!


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