Monday, January 14, 2013

Raw-Edge Jersey Jacket

Quick post today:

I made this jacket a while ago and am just getting around to posting it, mostly because for as difficult as it may seem for me to get pictures of my KIDS wearing the stuff I made, it is infinitely harder for some reason to make the time to get pictures of myself.  So finally, I got the photos.

I had been admiring this fabric for a while at JoAnn's, but couldn't justify the $12.99/yard.  So when I found  an almost-full-yard in the remnant bin (when the fabric was on sale, no less!)  I snapped it up.  I ended up paying less than $4 for the fabric.  It's hard to tell in photos, but the black stripes are actually a semi-sheer lacy print.

To make the jacket, I drafted a pattern using the steps outlined in this tutorial from Katy at No Big Dill (this post was a guest post on Love in the Mommyhood.)  I think I chose a smaller shirt to begin with.  If I wanted more of a true jacket, I would start with a shirt that's pretty roomy for making your pattern.  But my fabric was very thin and I wanted more of a tunic that I could belt--I wouldn't really be wearing it for warmth.  Although I would recommend drawing your pattern bigger than you think--my neckline came out smaller than I expected, and I actually had to throw out my first pair of sleeves for being too small, which is why these are only elbow-length--that's all the fabric I had left!

All of my edges are raw--neckline, sleeves, hem, and the front of the jacket.  Jersey doesn't fray, so I cut carefully, and on the hem and sleeves I pulled to give the edge a slight roll.  The complete lack of hemming makes this a super-quick project, especially if you have already drafted a well-fitting top pattern for yourself.

I love that I can wear it loose or belted.

The end.  I told you it was a quick one today!

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