Thursday, December 5, 2013

Striped Raglan Jammies

Well, this is kind of embarrassing.  I haven't posted in three weeks, and the last time I did it was about saving a couple of bucks on Papa Murphy's Pizza?  I guess it's about time to get another sewing project up on this page, at the very least so that when I abandon the blog again for the holidays, then people stopping by won't wonder what the heck is going on around here.

The boy has been growing like a weed, and all of his pajamas leave his wrists and ankles (and sometimes his belly button) hanging out.  I've been putting off getting him new ones, because he is shifting into big boy territory, and a lot of the brands I like start making only loose pajama pants for kids his size, whereas I still like to put him in cute matching sets.  PLUS, pajamas get much more expensive past size 5T, AND it's near impossible to find them on clearance.  And I know that pajamas aren't that hard to make, but I have had trouble finding the time since I've been doing craft shows for the first time.  But, like most things I make for the boy, once I got around to it I couldn't believe I waited so long.

He's worn these jammies practically every night that they aren't in the wash.  I got the striped knit from Girl Charlee, and it's really soft and stretchy.  I love this style of pants, because he likes a looser fit now that he's getting bigger, but the cuffs at the bottom allow me to leave a little extra length so that he doesn't grow out of them so quickly while keeping the bottom snug so he's not stepping on them all the time.

Do not adjust your screen. You are just experiencing some
amazing gymnastic action.
 The raglan top is based on this tutorial from Craftiness is not Optional, and I've made it several times before.  I left the ends of the sleeves unfinished, since jersey doesn't fray, and I figured that when the sleeves start getting too short I can add cuffs like the ones at the bottom of the pants.

The pants, I just based off of the one pair of pj pants he has that fit.  I made the legs slightly wider than your typical little-kid snug fit pj's, and added a little extra length, then made the cuffs from the same rib knit I used for the body of the shirt.  I used this method to put in the elastic waist, except that I do add a topstitched seam at the bottom of the elastic because I actually like the look of it.

I have some seriously cute reindeer fair-isle printed jersey that I'm going to make Christmas pj's out of soon.  I'll use this same pattern for The Boy, and Little Sister has requested a long-sleeved nightgown.  They are going to be so stinking cute, I can't wait!


  1. Oh cool! Thanks for the top tips. You find such lovely knit fabrics too, I love the stripes and how the colour matches the plain green. I half plan to make some pajamas as my son has a set (actually a onesie) with a glow in the dark skeleton on and little sister is jealous of the glow in the darkness but doesn't want a skeleton and that's all that's available in glow in the dark in the shops. So maybe I could source some glow in the dark fabric paint and make some. I was thinking for Christmas but if I don't make the deadline then her birthday is in Feb.

    1. I love the glow-in-the-dark paint idea! I have done some fabric paint stenciling, and it makes it SO MUCH EASIER when you use freezer paper to stabilize the fabric. Lots of good freezer paper stenciling tutorials out there, you should go for it!


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