Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Jammies

Just so you're not worried, I will say that these were done in time for Christmas.  As a matter of fact they got quite a bit of wear the week beforehand as well, but my kids have not felt like posing for any photos in addition to all of the family-holiday related pics I've made them take, so I haven't posted these yet.

You want us to do what?  We're not listening!

Fine, we're looking at the camera.  Happy?
There are also two upcycled sweaters to post about, in addition to a blouse-skirt outfit made for Christmas Eve wear and refused, so that also hasn't been photographed yet.  I'm hopeful that now that actual events have slowed down, the kids might prove more cooperative in front of a camera so I can show you some of these things.  Oh!  And!  I used my Christmas money (combined with the assumed future sale of my current camera) to get an upgraded camera!  So I'm excited to try it out once it arrives.

So, the pj's.

Ok, those pj's are pretty cool now that we look at them.
I used the exact same pattern that I made for this striped pair of pj's to make The Boy's set.  Once again, it worked out great.  This fabric had slightly less stretch than the stripe, so the fit is a little more snug, but there was enough room to accomodate.  I loved this festive fair-isle knit, as did many others out there in sewing-blogger land--I've seen lots of holiday outfits made with this!  It reminds me of the Hanna Andersson pj's that the kids have grown out of since last year.

Unhand me, Sir!
Little Sister chose a long-sleeved nightgown for her jammies.  I adapted a basic t-shirt pattern I had made, puffing the sleeves a bit and cutting it off at an empire waist, and then used the same skirt pattern I drew when I made this Leah dress a few months ago.  She likes 'em long and flowy, and I think that steered it more towards "nightgown" and away from "dress."

Since you're grumpy, let's photograph the back, shall we?
I bought 2 yards of the fair isle print, and 1 yard of the coordinating solid red knit.  I'm glad I didn't order less!  I had to cut the back panel of Little Sister's nightgown skirt in two pieces, but otherwise my amounts were perfect.  The fabrics came from Girl Charlee, my favorite online shop for knits.

OK, we love them! And each other!

And the most important thing--I got the Christmas morning matching holiday pj photos I wanted :) 

Checking under the tree

Opening up the stockings
I hope you had a happy holiday too!


  1. This looks great! I kept thinking about buying that fabric... but didn't. My girls are 5 and 9 and I didn't think I could sell it to either of them!
    Kristi :)

  2. Excellent Christmas pajamas! Such bright!

  3. Great Winter wonderland look!
    with love,

  4. awww I just commented on another post of yours.. but these are super cute, so I'm just saying... I love them!!!

  5. I love your dialogue! My kids will give me those looks too! The pj's are darling!


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