Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quickest Upcycle Ever!

I wasn't even going to blog about this "dress," but then Little Sister went and styled herself with the linen flower espadrilles and boho-style headband (so what if it's a Christmas poinsettia?) and I just couldn't help snapping a few pics, and as long as I had some pictures I might as well tell you about the dress, right?

My friend was getting rid of this top, and I found a 3-yard roll of the wide crocheted lace at Joann's for $1, so the whole thing cost me less than fifty cents.

All I did was put the top on my kiddo, figure out where to attach the straps and how long to make them, and then I actually did cut four little squares of knit fabric and sewed them over the lace on the inside of the dress, in case it was itchy--but that last part is totally optional.

She loves this dress, because it's "long long to the floor," which is her favorite thing.

Those curls with the headband are just killing me!

Sorry you can't see how cute those shoes are (and perfect with the dress)--they are natural-colored linen espadrilles with a flower cut from the same fabric that I got at Old Navy on super clearance ages ago that finally fit.  I have since quit buying ahead for this girl, because she's so dang picky now that I have no idea what she'll want to wear a year from now, but I got lucky with these ones. Oh!  I might have a picture still from when I bought them:

Yup!  That's them!  And my final price on these babies was $1.18.

Anyway, she had fun being sassy for my pictures in her boho getup, then we went to the grocery store and she was admired by many.  This outfit is a win.


  1. Super cute! I love the dress and the shoes....and I love the price tag!

  2. Cute dress, and I love when my daughter wears her headbands like that too!


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