Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anthro Inspired Stripe/Floral Tee

I had a knit striped fabric in my stash that I've been itching to sew with, and when I saw the Pattern Pop Tee from Anthropologie I thought I could make a version of it that would work for me.

Obviously, I veered from the inspiration.
The Scoop Top (free printable pattern from Skirt as Top) was perfect for this!  It has a pocket, and it even dips down in the back!  It's a great pattern, the tutorial is easy to follow, and I've already got a plan for another Anthro-inspired knits-meets-woven that should be perfect with it.  The top went together really quickly.

I had ordered the striped knit (a cotton jersey blend) from Girl Charlee without knowing what I was going to do with it, and when I was dually inspired by the Anthro shirt and the Scoop Top pattern, I went digging in my upcycling pile to see what I had that coordinated with the stripes.  And lo and behold.  This gem.

Anybody else out there wear one of these babies?
I used to LOVE this dress in high school. Sometimes I wore it with pigtails and mary janes.  Other times I went with leggings and my Authentic Doc Martens Purchased at the Actual Dr. Martens Store in London, England.  You know, when I was feeling badass.  Or cold.   I found it at my parents' house, shoved into a corner of my old closet, and knew that I would be able to use it for something--other than, say, wearing it as-is, since my style has morphed somewhat since then.

Proof.  And yes, I did make that hemp necklace I'm wearing.
Photo shamelessly stolen from a high school friend on facebook.
Not only did the colors work, and the drapey-fabric-with-built-in-wrinkles was a nice weight to tie together with the knit, but I also really like the way the tiers from the original dress give the back of the top some shape.

Maybe easier to see what I'm talking about here?

I also like the striped binding contrasting the floral in the back.
Also, I'm not much of a florals girl anymore, so having the stripes up front where I'm looking at it all day but knowing those purty flowers are hiding in the back makes it more wearable for me.

Here's how it looks on me
 I did end up taking the sides of the top in a teensy bit, but that might have just been due to working with the curve of the tiers in the back.  I was a little worried that I would need to cut out the back larger than the pattern since it was a woven instead of a knit, but I needn't have worried.

Back panel peeking out
 And my knit was fairly thin but not a tissue knit, so I was able to use a regular old zig-zag to attach the neckline and a double needle for the hemming, without any stay-tape or stabilizers.

I also have to say, I love the pocket for drawing attention to the mixed fabrics.  I don't usually love pocket tees, but in this case it's totally worth it!  And ALSO also, when I cut out the pattern, I thought this shirt was going to be waaay long, but it's totally not.  It's just perfect.  Go Scoop Top!


  1. Nice! I've been wanting to try that style. I think I'm going to do it with a denim shirt first, then try a knit tee.

    1. Please post a link when you do--I'd love to see how yours turns out!

  2. This is so cool. I love how you used the layers from dress and it is even cooler that it was a favorite dress from high school. Thank you for sharing.
    With Love,

  3. Ooh...I love the pattern mixing. And I love a shirt with a tiny pocket!


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