Friday, March 2, 2012

Toy-sized Superhero Cape!

So I guess I just don't feel like doing tutorials this week.

But if you've seen this tutorial, you can make this two-sided monkey cape--I did it exactly the same way, just mini. I didn't even measure--just cut out my fabric in a size that looked proportional for The Boy's dear monkey (whose name is, of course, Driving in the Car Monkey. What else would it be?) It has the same velcro closure--the only difference is that I used puffy fabric paint to make the superhero logos instead of felt applique. I just freehanded them (there's a batman logo on the black side).

Now The Boy is ready for some superheroing, with his trusty sidekick.

Up, up, and away!

Away he goes!

Now maybe The Boy will leave me alone for a bit (until there's some other thing he decides he can't live without...)
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