Friday, September 2, 2011

My Own Amy Butler Birdie Sling Bag

I mentioned when I posted about the bag I made for my friend's birthday (an Amy Butler Birdie Sling) back in July that I started out by making myself a guinea pig bag.  Well, that guinea pig is finally finished!  It performed admirably on this morning's library trip--plenty of room for the diaper wallet, general purse stuff, and library books.

I think of this as my transitional diaper bag.

And the lining (with my stuff already inside):

Not to repeat myself too much from the first time I posted about this pattern, but I still think that while I really do like the end result of this bag, I'm not sure it was worth the time and energy it took to make it.  If I hadn't already had this one halfway complete, I wouldn't have made a second one.  Still, now that it's done I'm glad I have it!

But I probably can't carry it when I'm wearing this dress, can I?

Yeah, that's the same fabric.  Because the pattern calls for
SO MUCH MORE than you actually need for the bag!

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  1. Aaand on my second trip out of the house with this bag, a woman asked me if I'd made it, because she had the same pattern and was in the middle of sewing one herself! (She agreed that it was a pain in the butt.) Small world :)


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