Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blast from the past

The kids and I are staying at my parents' house while the hubs is out of town and some construction is going on at the home front.  I took the opportunity to poke in my old closet, which my parents have not emptied since I moved out 15 years ago.  This led to some embarrassing finds, but mostly a treasure trove of pieces that I can repurpose for the kids!

I was going to pose for you wearing the babydoll dress and leggings I found (remember leggings when people wore them the first time around?), but then I remembered that I sold my 10-eye steel toed Doc Martens on Craigslist about ten years ago, and that outfit's really just not the same without them.

So keep an eye out for refashioned garments from the mid-nineties--a little window into my late teen suburban interpretation on hippie grunge.

I can't wait to make this baggy(!) cropped(!) tie-dyed(!!) t-shirt into something cute.  Impossible you say?  We shall see!
I remember wearing this shirt with denim cutoffs on my youth group's trip to Disneyland.

And what about this size XXL batik babydoll top (that I wore when I was about 115 lbs)?
Why was everything so baggy in the '90's?

I left the red square-neck satin semi-formal minidress with chunky black ankle-strap shoes there.  Miss Mixer, are you out there?  I know you had the same one once!

So many possibilities!  The purple linen beret!  The purple embroidered hippie blouse!  The purple fleece waist-length stocking hat!  The purple satin empire-waist dress!  Do we sense a theme here?

Anyway, stay tuned to see what I come up with.

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