Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer Sundresses!

I have gazed longingly at so many sweet funky sundresses for baby girls, and every time I just can't bring myself to spend the big bucks on the ones I really love.  I know, I just KNOW that I can make some just as great for her.  But, I have issues with following patterns.  (I also have issues when I don't follow patterns--go figure!) So I've been nervous.  BUT, a few months ago I found some patterns from a seller on Etsy that were adorable, affordable, and also looked fairly easy to follow.  Last week a local fabric store was having a great sale, so I bit the bullet--and I found great fabrics for a reasonable price.

So pretty!
The first pattern I attempted is the Bella stripwork dress in size 12-18 months.  It was very simple to sew and took hardly any fabric--less than a half-yard of the main color and just little pieces of the accent.  Here's the result:

Less than $3 worth of fabric!  And quick to sew, too.
I love the two-tone ruffle straps.  Little Sister is wearing this dress today, despite less than ideal weather conditions.  Hopefully she'll be able to wear it soon without the full body suit underneath!

Aww, SNAP!  My mom makes my clothes!
More baby sundresses to come soon (and hopefully the weather to wear them will soon follow!)


  1. Super cute, you are inspiring me to sew tonight!

  2. Love the dress and really love the fabrics you got! That picture is hilarious - Aww, snap! Ha! Love it all!

  3. I love the dress! You did a great job and you have a beautiful model! :) Thank you for mentioning my shop! I just added myself as a follower! You should check out my blog if you want some free tutorials as well! I just started one this month so I'm hoping to add a lot more soon!

  4. I'm following you too now--love your patterns, and I'm excited to see what turns up on your blog! Thanks for following over here :)


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