Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Minor Adjustment!

One of my college friends was living in Mexico when Little Sister was born, and she sent me a beautiful embroidered dress for a baby gift.  It was too big, so I put it away and was so excited to pull it out recently.  It fit Little Sister perfectly and looked SO GREAT on her!  She loves it too--as a matter of fact, I put it on her just to see if it fit, and it was a typically Portland chilly rainy day, but she wouldn't let me take it off of her.

Totes adorbs.
BUT, later that night, when I finally had to take it off to put on the PJ's, it was actually a bit of a struggle to get the dress over Little Sister's head.  She's not the easiest child to dress/undress (definitely a struggler), so I didn't want her to associate this lovely piece with fighting to fit the opening over her cranium.

SO, I found a piece of fabric in my stash that matched pretty well and made a little keyhole opening in the back, right between two embroidered bunches of flowers.  Now it's got a sweet detail that will allow Little Sister to wear the dress even after it becomes the size of a shirt on her!  Yay!  Simple, quick, practically free, and probably doubles the lifespan of the dress.

I actually got the idea to do this from one of the patterns I bought from Pink Poodlebows--in the Babydoll Dress pattern, she gives directions on how to do this so that the babydoll dress can be worn longer.  Love it!

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