Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Upcycled Holiday Dress!

I made Little Sister the sweetest holiday outfit to wear for her school Winter Concert!  She helped me choose the fabrics and style, she worked with me to make the fabric covered buttons, and it came out so cute!

This is not that dress.

The day after making that dress, I got a note in Little Sister's backpack that said that her class needed to wear RED for the winter concert.

So, out of the upcycling bin, I grabbed a knit top I bought a while back for 99 yen (less than a dollar), since it was the only red fabric I had on hand, and I whipped up a comfy little red dress.

Little Sister didn't want me to put the collar on it, so I'm saving that for another project.

I turned the shirt around to make the dress, since we both liked the little keyhole with a pearly button, but that left the scoop in the back of the dress.  It looked a little too low, so I added a bow:

And that's it!  Luckily she will have plenty of opportunity to wear the other dress I made during the next week.  I'll post photos of that once I have a chance to get some good pics!


  1. Very creative upcycling! great dress, the bow at the now back is the perfect solution.

  2. School-Home communication - always room for improvement ;) She seems rightly pleased with dress B though.


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