Monday, October 13, 2014

Foldover Waist Pocket Skirt

I had a little piece of my Kokka Owl print double gauze leftover from my Ruby tunic, so I asked Little Sister if she wanted a skirt made out of it.  She said she did, but she wouldn't wear it unless it had purple on it.

I didn't mind obliging.

I added pockets, which are essential for her these days, and since the only purple I had in my stash was a thickish jersey, I decided to make a foldover waistband.  I also added a band of the purple at the hem, and used a little bit to trim the pockets as well.

Quick, cute, comfy, and made from scraps--a winner of a project!

She chose to wear it on her half-birthday.

Who's four and a half?
Clearly she needed a crown to accessorize.

Couldn't resist this silly face
I love this skirt for her--I actually think this fabric is better on a kid than it is on me, but I still couldn't resist it!


  1. Very nice, I suspect the wiast is now more comfordable than with an elastic. Does it stay on good? I am considering making some as well.

  2. Hi Miranda--it does stay on well! The trick is to stretch the knit you're using for the waistband as much as you possibly can while sewing it on! I have done a knit waistband before that kept slipping down, and I ended up adding elastic to it later, but this one is nice and snug while still comfy!


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