Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bargain Hunting--thrift store style!

It's been a while since I've done a bargain hunting post--heck, it's been a while since I've done any kind of post at all!  But today was 1/2 price day at a local thrift store, and I did pretty well if I say so myself.  Wanna see what I got?

I'll start with the boy stuff, since that's what I was looking for.  As usual, not nearly as much selection in this department but not too bad.

First, Lands End shorts in great shape.  Size 7, so the boy can wear them next summer.  $2.50.

These Gymboree shorts will hopefully still fit next year, but they also fit now, which is nice since we probably have at least another month of nice weather. $2.

Gymboree cords, probably a little too baggy for my taste but I should be able to take in the legs a bit.  $2.50

And these Airwalks are The Boy's favorite color.  Still a size or two too big, so hopefully his favorite color won't change too much in the next couple of years!  $3.

These Keens should fit Little Sister next summer--or maybe the one after that.  For $2, I didn't really care!

My favorite were these two pairs of Gap skinny pants--pink jeans and orange cords, both size 3T.  Don't know if I can get her to wear them or not!  She mostly refuses to wear pants, but we haven't tried skinnies, so maybe they will be a bridge from leggings?  We'll see.  Each pair was $2, and they are in like-new condition.

Don't know why this pic makes it look worn on the front of the legs--they're totally not.

I can never remember what size my kids are in Hanna Andersson clothing, but I thought this was so cute and that it would fit someday!  It's also in like-new shape and was $1.50.

This is from Old Navy, but also in good shape.  It's a knit sweater with a fleecy warm lining.  Won't fit for a couple of years though!  $3.

These leggings are HUGE--size 8!  But they had no wear at all, and they are from Tea Collection, and they were $2!  Can't decide if I should hang onto them until Little Sister fits into them or just resell them at a consignment store--I mean, who knows what kids will be wearing 5 years into the future?  Moon suits?

Last but not least I grabbed this Dickies button-down for the Dad guy on my way out--it was just hanging there on the end of the rack, in his size, looking lonely, so I decided to bring it home.  $3.

I forgot to photograph my other find--a stack of 3 pads of 18x24 colored construction paper for $1! That brought my grand total total to $26.50--not bad!

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