Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Totally '80's! High-Low tank

So, I've been thinking about trying a high-low top for a while, but worried that even though this look is currently in style that it would look too '80's to be wearable for me.  However, this week's Project Sewn theme is '80's, and if that wasn't an excuse to try it, I don't know what is.

Totally '80's!

I drafted my pattern using a loose-fit t-shirt out of my wardrobe, with short cuffed dolman-style sleeves.  To figure out the hemline, I took some cues from this high-low dress tutorial, but adapted for a top.  I ended up adding about 8 inches of length to the overall pattern, sewing the side seams, then folding the shirt in half so that the side seams lined up and the front and back of the shirt spread out from that point, folded in front and in back, then cutting at an angle so that the middle back of the shirt was 8 inches longer than the middle front.

Side view.  Why does that look like more than 8 inches?  I swear, that's all I added.
I tried it on to test it out before binding the neckline, and it was waaaaaay too open--it kept falling off my shoulder (which, if I had wanted to go all the way '80's would have been perfect, but I wanted something I'd actually wear).  So when I bound the neckline, I stretched the binding a LOT, to pull in the wide neckline.  However, I didn't consider what that would do to the sleeve openings, and when I put the finished shirt on the sleeves were now way too tight on my armpits.  Hence, the tank top version that resulted when I just cut the sleeves out and hemmed the openings.

Overall, I'm not sure how flattering this look is on me, but there is definitely a comfort zone factor for covering my bum when wearing skinny pants.  I have gradually come on board with skinny pants, but I definitely feel safer wearing them with tunic-length tops, so this high-low might just be a baby step towards wearing skinny pants with just regular length tops.

Also, I was thinking that this style of top would be an AWESOME repurpose to do with those sack-style long tank dresses that you see at thrift stores all the time.  Now to decide if I like the style enough to do it again...

Oh!  And I'm so bad about this part!  There's voting for the sewalong again.  I think I got 8th place last time for my sundress, so...there's room for improvement, you guys.  You know how much I like a freebie, so get over there and vote so I can get a fabric store gift certificate :)  Here's the link so you can vote for me starting Friday :)

Project Sewn '80's week (sewalong contestants at the bottom)

It would be totally rad if you voted for me, and if you don't, we can't be friends anymore...PSYCH!


  1. Cute idea, and I like the thought of using this concept to upcycle thrifted dresses. And extra coverage in the back is always nice!

  2. I think it looks great on you.

  3. I think it fits you really well! Great job!

  4. Thanks for the kind words! I think it will be fun to wear in the summer.


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