Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blazer Alteration!

This seemed like a scary project to take on, but this was a perfect opportunity to take a risk and see if it panned out, because I didn't have anything to lose.

A friend of mine was clearing out her closet and I scored a couple of fantastic blazers.  I was so blinded by their fabulosity that I didn't realize till I got them home that the fit was actually not great.  Rather than pass them on, I thought I'd try to alter one just to see if I could do it. Both blazers are fully lined, which is the main thing that gave me pause.  Luckily I found this tutorial on Cotton and Curls, and it actually is not as tricky as it would seem!

The part I wasn't sure about was how you reattach the lining when you're finished taking things in.  And the answer is--I'm still not sure.  I kind of faked that part, and it's a little lumpy on the inside but it still hangs well on the outside, which is what counts.  But the trick is, you don't take the whole lining out!  You open it up a little on one edge, enough to pull the entire blazer through the hole so it's inside out, letting you adjust the seams to fit it better!

I didn't even alter the lining--it's just a little baggier now on the inside than it used to be.

I don't have any "before" pics of my altered blazer, but here's how it looks now--like it was made for me, right?

Deep purple velvet.  Mmmmm.

Hairstyle courtesy of this post found on Pinterest
The other blazer is a deep rusty orange corduroy.  Love it!

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  1. That's the best part about linings, you cant see them when your jacket is on! It looks great. Nice work Beth!


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