Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scarf Madness!

I have been a Goodwill treasure hunter this year, since my to-do list included scarves and/or armwarmers for several people on the gift list this year.  I have found some real scores!  Vintage cashmere for $7, striped lambswool, and more--it's been so much fun!

These are the infinity scarves I've made so far.  I'll do another post on scarflets (probably after Christmas--that's the tricky thing about having family members who may or may not actually read your blog; they might get a glimpse of something meant for them ahead of time!)  

The pink one on the right was a custom order for a friend, made from her grandmother's lambswool/angora blend sweater.  Super soft and dense, it was GREAT for a scarf, except that her grandma was a tiny little thing, and I just barely had enough fabric to work it into a scarf! 

I ended up having to include the ribbed cuffs and waistband that I usually cut off when making these things.  I actually like the result--there were enough to distribute the ribbing evenly around the scarf, so it adds a design element that wouldn't have been there otherwise.

It can be worn wrapped loosely, as shown above, or snug up to your neck, leaving the other loop dangling long.

The navy one on the left was a cashmere Goodwill find.  I loved the cables.  I have used embellishment before to hide holes in the original sweater (a danger when upcycling), but in this case I didn't have to do that--I just put them where I liked them.  The flowers are scraps from two other sweaters that I had upcycled.  One was my favorite cashmere sweater turned scarf, and the other is from a project that can not yet be disclosed.

The embellished details

This one can also be worn with a long loop if desired:

Fun!  For a how-to, you can check out one of my previous posts on infinity scarves, and this page has a great tutorial too.

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