Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Catching Up...kiddo flip flops and another baby dress!

Hi!  We've been on vacation to a place with no internet or phone, and it's taking me a while to get reacclamated to blogging.  Well, actually, that's an excuse--I'm just still on vacation mode and haven't been motivated to catch up on all of the projects I have piled up to blog about.  Seriously, I had to start keeping a list of projects I haven't yet blogged so that I don't forget about them!  Part of the problem is that I have several projects that are related, so each blog post will feature multiple projects, and I'm letting myself get overwhelmed.  Plus I'd rather just keep creating stuff in my free time instead of writing about it right now!

So anyway, all this to say that rather than allow my blog to languish here any further, I will post a couple of pictures for projects that don't require much explanation, since I've done similar projects before.  Both of these are super quick to make!

First up:  A sundress for our friend Baby Emma's first birthday.  This is my new favorite kind of sundress to make.  I actually have another one half-done for Little Sister as well.  I did a yellow and gray one of these here--the basic idea is this:  Take an old tank top (I suppose you could use a t-shirt as well, but something about the proportion of it looks better as a tank dress to me), cut off a few inches at the bottom, cut out a rectangle of fabric the width of the bolt, sew it into a tube, hem, and gather, then attach the two together.  So simple and cute!  On this one I added an apple applique to cover a glittery butterfly that was on the original tank.

Next, a pair of fabric flip-flops for Little Sister.  This girl loves flip flops, so I ordered her a pair for cheap.  I wasn't even planning on altering them, but the rubber straps were too tight, so I cut them up and made Little Sister a pair just like mommy's (click here for more info on how to do it!).  Except that I reattached the elastic backstrap that came on the original rubber flip flops. Perfect!

Oops, hard to see the backstrap there.
There they are.
Another change that I made from the grown-up version is that I used foldover elastic (the same soft, stretchy stuff I use for my headbands) to go between the toes instead of fabric.  This is nice because it's much thinner and therefore easier to shove into the hole in the sole of the flip flop, but be careful because it's soooo stretchy--you have to keep the loop really small or else your flip flops will be too loose.  And you'll definitely want to squirt some hot glue on the underside so the knot doesn't come undone or pull all the way through the hole in the sole.

There.  Now I feel better.  And maybe more inspired to get to posting some of my other stuff!

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