Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hot/Cold Pack pocket for Insulated Casserole Carrier!

Just in case you have a 4th of July potluck to go to, I thought I'd actually post this in a timely manner!  Usually, I'd be posting on the 4th on my way out the door, saying, "Hey, maybe you'd like to try this NEXT year..." but I managed to have this done ahead of time because the casserole carrier in question was actually a birthday gift.

How cute is this fabric for something you use to carry food?

I made another casserole carrier using this tutorial, with added tips on measurements and straps from this page here, and I decided to put my own little spin on it. 

I had this idea when I made my own casserole carrier and was joining the top and bottom pieces--why not leave one side open so that you could slip an ice pack or heat pack in there, upping the insulation's ability to keep something hot or cold?

So I only sewed up three of the sides and added a little velcro tab:

Then I made a hot pack using some scrap fabric and rice.  I got the idea from this therapy pack tutorial, but skipped the essential oil and made my pack to fit in the bottom of my carrier.  You heat the pack in the microwave for 2 minutes before putting it in the carrier's pocket.  It does make the carrier quite a bit heavier, but I was pleased with how long it kept my turkey noodle casserole with hidden cauliflower and carrots hot for the preschool potluck!  Oh, and bonus--you could definitely use this rice pack as a therapy pack too.

Hello there!
You could also slip a couple of those gel ice packs in there if you've got something to keep cold, like these rhubarb custard bars...mmmmmmmm.

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