Monday, October 3, 2011

Milk Carton Boats with Dad

A couple of weeks ago, The Boy and his dad made this, inspired by a craft shown on public television.

The Ocean Glider

Now I have to stealthily recycle all milk cartons after The Boy has gone to bed, because when he sees a carton being finished off, he immediately wants to make another boat.

Missing from the lineup--the boat given to Grandma Ann for her birthday

This is our fleet (Ocean Glider, Ocean Slider, Ocean Rider, and Ocean Hider). I'm not sure what we'll name any additional boats--or where we'll put them, for that matter.  See that milk carton standing up in the back?  I wasn't quick enough with that one, so we'll be making at least one more boat.  Do you have a birthday coming up?

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  1. I love them - they look so stylish in your lovely sun-filled photo.

  2. adorable. i want one.

  3. I'm working on something like these for my three girls. Some thoughts/questions:
    1) I'm looking at using quick-dry cement as ballast. What sort of ballast do you use to keep the boats from flipping?
    2) I was considering using a couple pieces of scrap as daggerboard keels (fixed, because I'm lazy). How are you keeping them on a straightish course?
    3) Your square rigged sail idea is brilliant simplicity; how are you keeping water out of the hull?
    Thanks! If you happen by Stone Mountain, I hope we see you out on the lakes!


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