Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crafty Friend! (UPDATE--GO JILL!)

No, this is not a post in which I tell you how to make a crafty friend, or even where I show off a crafty friend that I have made.  Although, wouldn't that be great?  No no, this is all about a crafty friend who exists of her own volition, lucky for me!

I just had to show off what arrived for Iris in the mail yesterday.  It's a first birthday present from my dear friend Jill.
Iris knows how to work it!  Even though she didn't feel like smiling.
The fabrics come from Jill's great-grandma's flour sack stash.  SO COOL!  I love the vintage prints, and you just can't find modern fabrics that have that same feel.  Iris also has a sundress that is still a little big (hence no pics yet) and a blanket made from the same stash that Jill made when she was born.  Iris and I trudged around San Francisco for 2 hours when we dropped that blanket in an undisclosed location, but we found it in the end, and if it wasn't enough so already, that thing is destined to be a VERY! SPECIAL! BLANKET!

Anyway, I just had to brag about my wonderful friend, and I also have a favor to ask on her behalf.

Jill has entered a contest with a social media company that writes product reviews and posts fun video reviews for kid stuff.  It's an incredibly family-friendly progressive company to work for, and the finalists in this contest get an interview for one of five reviewer/editor positions.  Jill would be so perfect for this job (she studied theater and writing in college), and it would give her some amazing work/life balance with her beautiful daughter.  She made a hilarious video for the contest, and if you watch it and vote for her, that would be awesome!

All votes must be received by midnight THIS FRIDAY, 4/22/2011, so hop to it!  Edited--voting has been extended until Monday, 4/25, so you can get your vote on this weekend too.  Tell your friends!

Check it out here:

Jill's hopscout video entry

Thanks so much!

Hey you guys!  She did it!  Jill not only made top 20 (you can view her finalist video here), but she got the job!  She will be joining the Hopscout team, which seems like a seriously great company to work for.

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